Matt Cummings

Matt Cummings:
AnyProtein Athlete
Age: 21

Being a part of AnyProtein has helped me achieve so many goals and aspirations that I’ve had when first entering the fitness industry. I aspire to compete in Men’s Physique and with the wide array of 100% natural products available, this will allow me to bring my best physique to my first show.

My Background:
My background has always been in sport, playing football and badminton for many years it really brought out my competitive side. Having developed a physique for cross country running, for me to try and achieve a muscular physique really has been a challenge for me. However, with the AnyProtein range I have been able to make great progress towards my first competition.
Supplements I use:

Pro Gain 1K:
This allows me to get the calories required to put on good size and muscle mass, the term “bulking” is a term used and abused for the wrong reasons sometimes. Numerous studies argue that you don’t have to be in a caloric surplus, however, having the calories and macronutrients required for your body to function effectively is key. With the Pro Gain 1K it has 1031kcal per serving (4 scoops with milk) and 710kcal per serving (4 scoops with water) so it allows me to knock out a lot of good calories in one meal. I usually take this post-workout as your body is in its most anabolic state and allows your body to take on much protein than the regular rate.

Micellar Casein:
Micellar casein has always been a favourite of mine because it allows your body to recover while you sleep and prevents it going into a catabolic state. With the 6-8 hour release of protein it drip feeds your muscles and allows maximises recovery. I don’t like to have a lot of carbs before bed so this is perfect as it is low in carbs. Having 24g of protein per 30g scoop it is perfect for me as I have 1 ½ scoops 30-45 minutes before bed.

AnyWhey 80:
AnyWhey 80 is your basic whey protein which is high in BCAA’s and glutamine which is crucial to muscle repair. This is great value for money and allows you to get the fast digesting protein into the muscles during the post-workout anabolic window. If you are dieting or looking for a low carb alternative then the AnyWhey 80 is perfect for you. This replaces the Pro Gain 1K post workout if I am looking to lean out a bit and I’ll have a piece of fruit or dried fruit post-workout for the fast acting sugars.

Pre-workout has been an effective supplement for me as I usually train early in the morning and you need that much needed boost. Pre-pump has 300mg of caffeine per scoop so if you’re sensitive to caffeine I would start with ½ a scoop and see how you feel. One of the main ingredients in Pre-Pump is beta alanine; this gives you the tingles that are associated with most pre-workout supplements. This prevents muscle fatigue and allows you to train at a high intensity for longer, therefore getting a better workout.

Glutamine is an amino acid that reduces muscle inflammatory; therefore I take it after a workout. Some take it before, during and after but I have found that taking it after is enough for me and gets me great results. However, it is not essential if you are having a whey protein product that has it already in the ingredients so always check the labels of the protein you have.


My Future Plans:

Being a part of AnyProtein has allowed me to achieve great results so far and I hope to compete in a few years’ time in Men’s Physique. I have achieved great knowledge through education in Personal Training, Professional Cookery and studying for a Sport and Exercise Science Degree. Learning from other PT’s and athletes in the field such as Ryan Terry, Simon Robinson, just to name a few, really has given me great knowledge and confidence to be able to bring the best possible package for my first competition.
The first time dieting for me was for BodyPower 2015, I was asked by AnyProtein to go as an athlete to represent them. This has been one of my dream goals since going to numerous expos over the years; to achieve this at the age of 20 was an amazing experience for me.
I plan to keep working hard and learning as many techniques and putting them into practice for future events. Showing everyone my experiences through my YouTube channel “MC Fitness” allows me to inspire others to do the same and live a healthier lifestyle. Being inspired from a young age really motivated me to get into the fitness industry and I haven’t looked back since. The only way is up.